O’Reilly’s Revenge

I read in various places that ousted Fox host Bill O’Reilly has plans to start broadcasting his own show.

If he does, he would probably be free to cover what he wants, talk about what he wants and give an honest assessment of his media colleagues.

So far it looks like he might do it on his own. Mediaite reports the following:

There had been talk that a Sinclair-Tribune merger could land O’Reilly, or Newsmax, where O’Reilly recently showed up as a guest commentator. Variety reported yesterday that One America News Network was eagerly courting the former Fox News host, and so perhaps they are the leader in this particular horse race. But his comment could suggest that he is taking a similar route as his former Fox News colleague Glenn Beck and create his own digital video network like The Blaze.

This news tidbit is the clearest sign yet that O’Reilly is staffing up to get back into the game of opinion journalism. Mediaite had the scoop in April of a new conservative network being planned as a reaction to what one executive described as “Fox News moving too far left.”

A huge audience is out there just waiting for a better news outlet to come along. I don’t believe that MSNBC and CNN are gaining in viewership because of any excellence on their part. It’s probably that more people are dropping away from Fox News to the internet. Think about your own viewership. Is it less than two years ago? I watch Fox & Friends and then go to Fox Business (except for Neil Cavuto who is Mr. Establishment and biased) although I do look at Hannity. That’s about it. Years ago it was all day.

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