Hospitalized Tucker Delights Libs

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was taken to the hospital Friday. He had appendicitis. If you’ve ever had it, you know how very painful it is. I know I couldn’t wait to get on that operating table and get that appendix out

Liberals, who claim to be the party of compassion for their fellow man/woman, were gleeful when they found out that the conservative Carlson was in pain.

CNN viewers in particular lashed out at him after Jake Tapper got on twitter to wish Carlson well.

Here are some tweets;

If I were an internal organ I’d want to get the F out of Tucker too
Cialis overdose?
Surprised he missed. His chronic headuptheassitis never caused him to miss a show
The same guy that speaks poorly of minorities #Karma
Oh did someone shoot him too?
Is he ill? Hope it is painful, and debilitating.
I like you Jake but wishing this YUGE ass hat speedy recovery loses big points in my book.
Was hoping he was getting vocal chords removed. Oh well. Hope he gets better soon and takes a long time resting before returning.

Nice, eh?

Don’t ever credit these people with decency. They have none. They are miserably unhappy people who want to make everyone else unhappy, too.

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