What Now Dems?

Four elections and four losses for Democrats this year.

You’d think they’d reexamine their methods. But, no. They are still hysterical, violent, insulting and elitist. There’s no sign they’ll stop this strategy either.

In each election, they have made Republicans stronger, not given us a death blow. In the Georgia election, Trump won the district by 5,000 votes. Karen Handel by 10,000. The GOP actually upped its game. The Democrats also spent $20-30 million on this one race. At this rate they’ll be as cashed strapped as their Democrat dense state of Illinois. One wag called that much spending “Jebonomics.” Fitting.

By making it a referendum on the president, they probably upped our turnout, too. Why should a congressional race be about the president? Obviously there would be little Ossoff could do to oppose him since he is in the minority.

Maybe it would have helped if the Democrat Ossoff had lived in the district. Isn’t that campaign 101? The arrogance of it was stunning. Did they think foisting a bunch of Hollywood libs on the common sense people of Georgia would help them? Seriously? We’re not even watching their movies anymore, much less checking in to see what advice these often addiction and relationship challenged people want us to follow.

How about coming up with some ideas? Maybe it would be better for Democrats to realize they need to start acting like normal human beings who have to work with people they don’t like for the good of their family. It can be done. Ask most employees. They’ll never get back the working people otherwise. Focus on issues. But then, again, they don’t really have any new or innovative ideas to promote. It’s just the same class warfare and neosocialism.

Democrats have put themselves in a dilemma. They either appeal to their radical base or lose independents and working people. They’ve so immersed themselves in going after this or that fringe group of immigrants, Hispanics, blacks, gays that they are ignoring the concept of appealing to all Americans. We don’t know what they stand for anymore except rage and spite.

I really didn’t pay attention to the polls in this race. Why should I? They are wrong most of the time. They were wrong in a parallel way with the Hillary/Trump race. Hillary was said to be ahead by anywhere from 5-7 points. Didn’t turn out that way. Same in the Handel/Ossoff race. The libs are still relying on them as they are the media. Only the people aren’t listening to the media either.

I don’t see the Dems changing their strategy, however. I don’t think they’ll take back the House or the Senate in 2018. They lack good candidates and they are tone deaf.

Keep it up, Dems, you’re making my day.

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