What’s Comey Up to?

What was James Comey up to entering the New York Times building yesterday? The Daily Mail caught him with his wife going to visit the Old Gray Lady.

Can we expect another “bombshell” this afternoon? Is he taking his memos to show them and sew discord across the nation?

It’s a shame that the media, pollsters and failing politicians don’t have the common sense of the American people – or the humor. I ran across these comments in looking at this story. They are on point. They should take a look at what real people are thinking.

“Former head of the FBI can’t come up with a disguise or way to leak to the delusional MSM without being caught on camera??? Is he really that stupid or did he just not care? Did he tell the receptionist his name is Anon E. Musleaker?”

“This story only serves to continue to feed the beast distracting from the REAL ISSUES.”

“We don’t care about Comey, we don’t care about Russia, we care about our healthcare, our jobs, stifling regulations and taxes, and we care about the safety of our families. The liberals can whine all they want in their safe spaces until they rot.”

“The problem is that they don’t just rot. They riot.”

“It’s like an evil kid who has always been a problem, but a manageable problem until he’s 15, at which time he’s bigger and stronger than the parents, and twice as determined, and now is demanding to violate all of the common sense things that rational people know to do.

“The problem we face as a country is exactly what those poor parents face. The time to correct the evil kids in our country was 40 or 50 years ago. Now the problem is so vast and so out of control that there isn’t a good solution. We’re in a position as a country that just surviving may be the best possible outcome, and unfortunately not the most likely outcome either.”

“The shit show won’t end peacefully and won’t end until we win or they win. First off I would hope that if I were anywhere near as tall as Crimey is, I would have an alpha spirit instead of being an admitted coward. Next we have to realize that Comey and the NYT are but 2 small pieces of the satanic weed patch that has overtaken the west.

“We all know about and nebulously talk about cultural Marxism via democratic party rule. We are right but can’t imagine how right we are. For a primer watch a video on it by you tuber vertigopolitix.

“While we slept the Frankfurt school Marxists were welcomed into the US and Canada. Their critical theory and warped philosophy sought to critique and deconstruct our society, our morals, our norms.

“It reminds me of Joel Gilbert’s movie there’s no place like utopia where he talks about pinkos embracing creative destruction.

“While we slept these purpose driven Marxists took over entertainment, and catastrophically education and politics.

“This brings us to now. Morals are gone. The family is gone. Art is someone taking a dump on a pie plate and smearing a bible into it. Higher education is now gifting students with a useless degree in race-gender based outrage for the privilege of a lifetime of debt. Politicians and government employees are brainwashed idiots who at best sell the citizenry out for profit, or half way down the line do it because they are fooled, and at worst do it because they are dyed in the wool Marxists.

“This brings us to Comey. He’s a pure Marxist like Hitlery or Lynch or Mueller or Obama or Holder or much of DC and the majority of the higher education brass. They critique and want to destroy the status quo aka anyone who disagrees with them.

“Comey is part of the marxist establishment who is ideologically sworn to demolish western society. Just like almost all college professors, most politicians, and therefore most civil servants.

“Right thinking people rightly struggle to get it. Comey and a majority of the far left suffer from mass mental illness and like the violent wind up toys we are seeing illustrate, know only their poisonous ideology. This ideology allows them to put morals on the shelf and do anything including break any law.

“They won’t stop until they are submitted. Why? Because they are ideologically driven mongoloids or mentally ill wind up toys. Marxist adepts like Comey and well paid carnival barkers like the msm won’t stop until they are stopped.”

Then there was this great observation: “I don’t see what the big deal is for Comey to enter the NY Times building. My guess is he and the editor were simply talking about their grandchildren.”

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