Huge Win

Looks like the Supreme Court today has given President Trump a win on his travel ban. It’s a “huge” win according to presidential attorney Jay Sekulow.

Although it doesn’t completely lift the objections to the travel ban – the Court will hear the complete case in October – it does mean that some of the president’s travel orders will immediately go into effect. “The timing, the procedures, the 90 day waiting period, the hold back, all of those have been deemed constitutional,” Sekulow said.
“So this is a very significant win for the White House, the president should be very pleased, this is a very big win.

“The 90 day pause, the 120 day pause all of those stay in place except for one person under one limited scenario. It’s a 99.9% win but I would say on the merits it’s a 100% win. This will be argued in the fall, they’ll be more information, but it’s obviously a big win for the administration, a big win for the American people.”

The Court also said that when there is a compelling need to provide for the nation’s security it’s constitutional.

It’s interesting because earlier this morning Judge Andrew Napolitano said he believed the Court would uphold the earlier courts’ rulings about staying the executive order.

It looks like common sense prevailed with the Court. Why wouldn’t the president have the authority to protect the people?

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