Unanimous Decision!

The Court’s OK of most of Trump’s travel ban was not just from the Conservative justices, but from all of them, even the Liberals!

They don’t have to break down how they voted, but they chose to reveal it in this decision.
Judge Napolitano was back on Fox after having looked at the ruling. He said that “the Supreme Court removed the stays on President Trump’s travel ban which basically says it is in effect. And then it carved out an exception and the exception is that if you come from one of those six countries that are subject to the ban and you have a relation here, legal, biological with a person or an entity or a student has been admitted to school, someone here is going to give you a job, you’re a professor here ready to give a lecture you are not subject to the ban. This was a unanimous decision.

“The court’s most liberal and conservative members agreed to uphold the vast majority of the president’s ban. The compromise is in the exceptions. That’s how they got the liberal group to agree. Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch said we would have upheld the entire ban. By creating these exceptions all you’re doing is full employment act for lawyers. You are creating trial after trial after trial about the nature and extent of the immigrant’s relationship in the United States.

“It is a substantial victory for the president because it underscores his authority to form a foreign policy ban and use immigration as a weapon to protect the country.”

I guess it wasn’t so wrong for Trump to refer to it as a “ban” in his tweet. So many got unraveled by that and thought it would kibosh the whole case.

It didn’t did it?

You probably won’t hear any of the handwringers bring this up today.

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