Meet the Press

If you saw yesterday’s White house briefing with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you saw how out of control the press is in this country.
At another site “Takeabreath” had this funny conclusion about the absurdity of reporters and gives an example of it.

– “Sarah, did the sun rise over the Whitehouse today?”
– “Sarah, how did the sun rise this morning, was it slow or fast?”
– “Sarah, did the president think the sun rising was expected?”
– “Sarah, are we expecting the sun to set today? If so, what time?”
– “Sarah, If the sun rose this morning, then what do we expect will happen tomorrow?”
– “Sarah, why was the sun so bright when it appeared?”
– “Sarah, You said the sun rose this morning. Do his cabinet agree with this?”
– “Sarah, when did the president find out about the sun rising this morning?”
– “Sarah, the president mentioned nothing yesterday about the sun. Was he taken by surprise by this?”
– Sarah, was the president prepared for the sun rising this morning, and does he have any contingency plans for tomorrow?”
– “Sarah, you said the sun rose at 5.53am. In California they said it rose at 6.45am. Why the discrepency? Is the president lying?”
– “Sarah, from our unnamed sources, this is exactly the same sun that rose over Russia. Is the president hiding something from the American people?”
– “Sarah, is Trump colluding with the Russians over the sun?”
– “Sarah, did the cabinet find out why the sun rose this morning? Are they informed enough to make decisions on such matters”
– “Sarah, The NYTs has said that the sun is basically a huge nuclear reactor. Seeing as this is the same sun that rose over Russia, are we to suspect there was some collusion over uranium?”
– “Sarah, was this the same sun that rose over the White house yesterday?”
– “Sarah, Is the president fully informed over what the sun is?”
– “Sarah, did the president make a secret recording of the sun rising? Was anyone else present with him when the sun actually rose?”
– “Sarah. A cabinet member said that you would get more people voting if the sun comes out. Is the president colluding with the sun to fix the election?”
– “Sarah, This is the same sun those rose over the Obama White house. Isn’t this just a continuation of the Obama policy, and a complete vindication of everything Obama achieved?
– “Sarah, the sun is extremely hot, and appears to be getting hotter as the summer months progress. Why is the president ignoring this, and what will happen to the planet if we don’t tax it?”
– “Sarah, the sun clearly has strong ties to the word son. Why is the president so keen on using such sexist language?”
– z’Sarah, What time are we expecting the sun to rise tomorrow?”
– “Sarah, How many times has the sun risen in the past?”
– “Sarah, Why does the president seem to be at war with the sun all the time?”
– “Sarah, how come this White house is always talking about the sun? Isn’t this distracting from his policy agenda?”
– “Sarah. How does the president expect to govern when all he will do is talk about the sun rising?”
– “Sarah, you mentioned the president described the sun as white hot. Why is he so racist and sexist towards the sun. Doesn’t this demean the office of presidency?”
– “Sarah. When can we expect the president to stop focusing on the sun, and focus more on policy?”

– “Korea is getting ready to launch a nuclear missile at the USA. Is the president worried at all?”

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