Fake Factory Churning It Out

Perhaps you saw the story from the AP alleging that EPA Director Scott Pruitt had a meeting with Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris that resulted in a pesticide ban being lifted. Turns out that was false. Pruitt barely shook hands with the man. There was no such meeting. The AP had to retract the story.

Then Friday, Jake Tapper at CNN showed a fake National Enquirer cover during a segment on the JoMika tweet-nado. The cover had the headline “Heidi Cruz: Betrayed by Cheating Husband!” However, that cover never appeared on the National Enquirer. It had to be retracted, too.

We’re so used to these fake reports, the magnitude of it gets overlooked.

A commentator at the Conservative Treehouse drew up a recent list. It really is astounding how much fake news has been launched. I had forgotten some of them, but here they are:

– Hands up. Don’t shoot.
– 10 yr old Trayvon buying Skittles.
– Matthew Shepard murdered by homophobic strangers.
– The video that caused the Benghazi attack.
– The growing heterosexual AIDS epidemic.
– Disabled Keith Scott killed by cops while reading a book.
– The exoneration of Hillary Clinton.
– Duke Lacrosse gang rape.
– UVA gang rape.
– Lena Dunham’s Republican rapist.
– Loads of Stephen Glass stories in the New Republic.
– Loads of Jayson Blair stories in the New York Times
– Dan Rather’s National Guard investigation.
– Mattress girl.
– The “lynching” of Otis Byrd.
– The wrestling mat murder of Kendrick Johnson.
– Obama’s brilliant academic record.
– The philanthropy of the Clintons.
– CNNs secret and unshared debate questions.
– Polls predicting Hillary’s landslide.
– Trump had fewer votes than McCain or Romney.
– Trump had fewer black and hispanic votes than Romney.
– NBC’s doctored 911 tape of George Zimmerman.
– Doctored transcripts of Paula Dean’s deposition.
– Doctored weather station data for our “hottest year”.
– Al Gore and academia’s lies revealed in Climategate emails.
– Scads of Economic recovery reports since 2009.
– Obama is breaking records with deportations.
– The Russians hacked the energy grid.
– Chevy Truck fires (started by rockets)
– Dumbstruck 2nd Amendment advocates in Katie Couric’s focus group
– Michelle Field’s bruises and assault claim.
– “Hispanic” shooter at Burlington Mall in WA.
– Romney not paying his taxes.
– Ryan Lochte being confronted and fined by “law enforcement”.
– You’ll keep your doctor.
– John Lewis spat and cursed at by Tea Partiers.
– Making of a Murderer case file.
– Size 6 Amy Schumer.
– Assault on Trump protester at Asheville, NC rally by a blind man.
– Stock market will collapse after Brexit
– Stock market will collapse after Trump
– Trump Moscow hotel romp.
– Trump fired the DC National Guard General.
– Ft Lauderdale airport shooter’s Hispanic name.
– Ft Hood shooting was “work place violence”.
– Anti Trump DC Womens March will be the “largest in history”.
– Rick Perry doesn’t know the Dept of Energy manages nuclear weapons
– Atlantic Magazine’s report on “imaginary” fetal heartbeats.
– Ari Fleischer condemns Sean Spicer on ABC’s Nightline
– Breitbart rioted against itself at UC Berkeley

– CNN fake Iraq War coverage ( view on YouTube )
– CNN staged Muslim sympathy protest for London terror victims
– Morning Joe’s Mika B reading Obama White House talking points directly from her Blackberry live on air. Not a joke – she would actually receive texts while on air from the Obama team and read live.

This list is good, but still leaves out scores more. Let me add my fakes:

– Professor Gates and the Cops that acted stupidly…
– Fast & Furious
– Reince Priebus is leaving his White House job.
– Steve Bannon is leaving his WH job
– Jared Kushner is leaving his WH job
– Kellyanne Conway is leaving her job
– Everyone at the White House is at odds with one another
– Pence and Trump staffs are feuding
– Melania and Barron Trump refuse to come to Washington

In short, everything you read today must be looked at askance. You can’t read a thing without asking what a liberal gains from this. That is usually the clue that it is fake news.
Sad, isn’t it?

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