Now CNN Unmasking

What is it about liberals and unmasking?

Technically, the term “unmasked” refers to what happens when someone’s communications are inadvertently collected as part of government surveillance of another subject, and the unintended target is named and documented. We are told that American identities are expected to remain “masked” in intelligence reports and documents to protect them. It’s one of our rights as citizens.

But liberals feel unmasking their enemy is perfectly acceptable, even though it’s against the law. They believe they are always correct and only their views are good. So, when they unmask someone, like Obama and his henchwoman Susan Rice allegedly did to General Flynn, why that’s appropriate.

In fact, to them, it’s more than appropriate. It’s necessary. That’s because they live in a world where only they have rights.

So it’s not surprising that after CNN, really a branch of liberal propaganda government, was given an apology by the youth who originally devised the Trump knock out of CNN, they didn’t just gracefully accept it. The video maker wrote a long post on Reddit, from whence he launched his video, and apologized. He said he does not advocate violence against the press and was remorseful for other posts he made that were racist and anti Semitic.

No, CNN threatened to unmask him if he ever does it again. In other words, they are threatening a private citizen in a matter of free speech. How do they get away with this?
Cheryl Chumley of the Washington Times noted, “Take a memo, CNN. It’s one thing to go after a president with skewed reporting and agenda-driven partisanship. But it’s quite another to threaten and bully an innocent citizen into silence. The people don’t like that.

“And on the day of celebrating the great Declaration of Independence from tyranny and despotic rule. For shame.”

If you mock CNN – or MSNBC or any other liberal outlet – they can ruin your life in a variety of ways. The poor guy, who’s reportedly only 16 years old, could be harassed, threatened, beaten up, shunned, refused employment for this? The Founders would be shocked.

You see, the unmasking can only be done by them. When James O’Keefe did it with his videos of CNN employees admitting that they had a grudge against the president and would work to unseat him, that’s not OK. Liberals can decapitate him, assassinate him in a play and have Republicans push old people off the cliff, but these are unmaskings, not violence.

In the end, CNN has unmasked itself as a biased, corrupt, lying, authoritarian blackmailer. Funny how things boomerang against those who try to hit Trump.

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