What I’m Mad About Today

Of course the ridiculous accusations against Donald Trump Jr. I can’t even understand why this causes the media to be so obsessed. They’re beginning to look more possessed after each of their “bombshells.” Maybe someone ought to call a diocesan exorcist?

At times like this you just have to step away from the madness before it grabs you, too. Less TV News watching does the trick.

But then you get to local matters. If you have low blood pressure, a quick perusal of the CA will quickly get it up; maybe even too high.

I do not understand the jihad against Senator Brian Kelsey that our morning newspaper – and therefore Gannett state wide – has. Except that I do in a way. He’s obviously a smart, attractive, well spoken Republican who could go far in this state. So the media has to continually bash him to prevent him reaching higher office.

Today he’s being attacked for attending a meeting with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Yes, that’s his crime. He would like to see education bettered in West Tennessee and we just can’t have that. Money must stay in Democrat hands and the ignorant must not be given a chance at an education or they may bolt the Democrat Party.

Who does USA Today Tennessee rely on for their info? State Democrat Party chairwoman Mary Mancini. Sure, she’s not biased, is she? She believes his meeting with DeVos was “far from normal outreach.” There you have it. That’s his crime. He dared to talk to the Education Secretary. Maybe they exchanged ideas. The horror!

Then there is our beloved City Council. Governing to them means raising taxes. This time we can expect an extra $10-$12 fee monthly on our utility bill to cover sewer and stormwater fees. It appears we need a billion to take care of this problem. Really? How do we know where the money really goes? Does anyone trust MLGW any more? Remember, we recently had to pay a streetlight fee. What are our taxes used for besides failing schools? It’s never enough.

On another website I ran across this little gem. It appears PBS is not content to bias adult programming. They’ve got to get to 2 year olds and put them on the Left path:

Social activist Innosanto Nagara wanted to find a fun book to read to his 2-year-old son that also talked about the importance of social justice.

He wasn’t looking for the typical fiction written for children. Instead, he was looking for unique narratives — by writers of color and/or authors who can speak about social issues through their own experiences.

Nagara couldn’t find any. So he wrote one.

From the book’s publisher:

A is for Activist is an ABC board book written and illustrated for the next generation of progressives: families who want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and everything else that activists believe in and fight for.

You can’t start the social justice programming too early now can you?

Tell me, what’s holding up a funding freeze for PBS and NPR, for that matter? Put that federal money into something more necessary – like sewers.

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