72 Years Ago Today

The U.S. conducted the first successful atomic bomb test on July 16, 1945. The Manhattan Project, which was a secret effort to develop the first atomic bomb before Germany did, gave us the victory against Japan and Germany.

I cannot imagine such a thing happening today.

We have the scientific minds and the knowledge, but we no longer have the capability of doing anything without someone blabbing. If today’s New York Times or CNN or Washington Post had operated in the 40s the way they do today, they would have stopped the project.

First, they would report on the project itself, which would have alerted the enemy. Second, they would have named the people involved, thereby hindering anyone from working on it. Of course, all this would have been done under the self righteous quoting of freedom of the press, even though we were at war.

The media most certainly would have harped on the amount of people this bomb could kill. They would have called it inhumane and a violation of human rights. They’d have done everything they could to send people out in the streets to promote protests. You know they’d have been on the side of stopping it, even as Germany neared the goal for its war effort.

Fortunately today’s media did not have this mindset in the 1940s. Nor did they have the power they have today. They can certainly hide a story if they want to. Just look at the little interest they have in Hillary’s selling 20% of our uranium rights to the Russians. It’s different then, I guess.

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