McCain Prognosis

Not good.

His initial diagnosis was met with skepticism in a lot of quarters. Medical people did not think the story we were being told was truthful. Turns out they were right. It was not a minimally intrusive craniotomy to remove a blood clot above his left eye. Blood would not be taken to the lab for examination under a microscope as they described; tissue would.

Just another fake news story.

He has a gliobastoma, a cancerous brain tumor. In an ironic twist of fate, turns out that McCain’s is the same kind that Senator Ted Kennedy, one of his Senate buddies, had. Kennedy lasted 15 months. Probably McCain faces the same time frame.

With Kennedy, the disease presented itself in a seizure. Sometimes it is erratic behavior. Last month when McCain was questioning former FBI director James Comey at a Senate hearing, he called him “President Comey.” People who watched the hearing noticed it and it was highly tweeted about. Also, he appeared confused and frustrated.

Kennedy went to Duke for treatment. McCain is going to the Mayo Clinic. Thanks to Congress’ largesse, he will get the best treatment at about no cost to him and his family. They secured that right under Obamacare and even under the replacement bills proposed.

Kennedy spent some of his last days on the Senate floor and in supporting candidate Barack Obama. What McCain chooses to do we don’t know.

I understand that under Arizona law, the governor (who is a Republican) must pick a replacement from the same party as the senator. That would ensure no problem in the future. McCain was just reelected in 2016.

Everyone wishes McCain the best, but don’t forget. He was the one behind the golden showers Russian dossier on Trump. He has also been more in opposition to Republican presidents than Democrat ones since his 1986.

I hope he decides to spend the rest of his time with those who matter – his family.

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