Typical Liberal

Letters to the editor today have two that are anti Trump and anti Republican. You see they save the most negative letters for Sunday, the day with the greatest circulation.

One chides Republicans for wanting to repeal Obamacare. Naturally he uses the argument that “If this bill passes, it will make clear that we are no longer, as some claim, a Christian country, at least not for the group in power.”

He trots out the very tired doing it for “the least of these, our brethren” who will no longer have health care argument.

Probably the writer is a Democrat and they use the theme of Christian hypocrisy a lot. Consider that the Democrats are 100% for killing babies in the womb and “death with dignity” aka euthanasia, it’s rich. So is the fact that Obamacare is collapsing now and the loss of coverage will be from its collapse, not any new GOP bill.

He continues that the repeal of Obamacare “is an eviction notice for millions in nursing homes, a potential death warrant for millions of critically ill, non rich folks, a foreclosure notice for many rural hospitals…but a $700 + billion windfall for those rich.” Obviously this person doesn’t look into anything very deeply.

Death panels are the ultimate eviction notice for the elderly. Remember how Obama did believe that after a certain age, even with quality of life good, a person should be denied an operation. He made that clear in an ABC townhall in which a daughter asked about surgery for her elderly mother. And, he cut Medicare extensively.

As to non rich folks, they were never denied care in the ER. Doctors must treat ailing patients who come to the hospital. The loss of rural hospitals can be directly laid at the feet of Obamacare and the expense for insurance companies and hospitals on these areas after the ACA. Ditto the decline in doctors. Why go through Med School hell if you can’t later pay off your student loans and have a profitable practice. But after all, rural areas aren’t his voters, are they?

A $700 billion + windfall? The insurance companies were so eager to get more money that they agreed to the Obamacare debacle before they knew how dearly it would cost them. Greed ran away with them.

I would venture to say that Christianity is probably not that important to the guy either. The Dems like to put every other religion first; that is, if they even believe in a God. Their convention platforms for the last two presidential elections seemed intent on excluding God.

These arguments are typical of liberals, though. Their strategy has always been to use the things they are doing, flip them and tack them on to their opponents. It has worked for a long time, but it’s not so dependable now.

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