Sessions Overlooks Secret Project

I have to agree that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been dragging his feet on draining the swamp. We in flyover land do not understand why Hillary Clinton’s email server issue, the Clinton Foundation, her uranium deal, the leaking and unmasking of people, to name a few, haven’t been looked at and pursued by the Justice Department.

Sessions cannot leave it to just he president to drain the swamp. He must engage, too. He’s a nice man, but he must get active.

The Conservative Treehouse does a good job of summarizing what the swamp is up to. The Lois Lerner/IRS mess highlights the swamp at its most devious.

As a result of a trillion dollar stimulus filled with scheme and graft; and as a result of Obamacare being similarly schemed in backroom deals and late night votes; President Obama was “shellacked” in the November 2010 election.

The White House didn’t see the 2010 defeat a flawed policy issue; rather as the entrenched ideologues they are, they saw the SCOTUS case “citizens united” as the principle tool used by the White House opponents to organize and fund political movements, ie. the tea party.

The Obama Team response to the 2010 Shellacking was to use the Dept. of Justice (AG Eric Holder) to weaponize the IRS and go after groups -like Tea Party Groups- organized under the financial umbrella of 501(c)(4)(5) donation structuring.

Years later, when the scheme was discovered – the White House denied knowledge (“not even a smidgen of corruption”), the DOJ feigned ignorance (“we don’t know why we got the millions of pages”), and the IRS began working overtime trying to hide the construct of the prior communication, planning and strategy.

The head of IRS tax exempt division, Louis Lerner, plead the Fifth.
Obama’s Chief of Staff Jack Lew was made Treasury Secretary (IRS is sub division of Treasury Dept.) where he was/is able to continue hiding information.
And Eric Holder constructed a team of DOJ lawyers to isolate, hide and manipulate the trail of evidence within the DOJ.

Just before the IRS targeting scheme was fully discovered/comprehended, and seemingly overlooked by any curious media enterprise, in February 2013 representative Maxine Waters said:

“The President has put in place an organization with the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life. That’s going to be very, very powerful. That database will have information about everything on every individual on ways that it’s never been done before and whoever runs for President on the Democratic ticket has to deal with that. They’re going to go down with that database and the concerns of those people because they can’t get around it. And he’s [President Obama] been very smart. It’s very powerful what he’s leaving in place.”

Against, the backdrop of information which proved the UniParty, both dems and republicans, benefited from the targeting of the Tea Party and oppositional forces; and with the full comprehension that Mitch McConnell and the republican leadership organized a post Citizens United strategy to work around their financial dependency on the electorate via Super-PACs; aren’t you just a little bit curious what the purpose was to assemble a data-base or “Secret Research Project“?

Lois Lerner’s and other IRS officials’ concerns about how to handle these donor lists came on the heels of an advisory from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) to her and other IRS officials in late March 2012 of “an audit we plan to conduct of the IRS’s process for reviewing applications for tax exemption by potential section 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), and 501(c)(6) organizations.”

March 2012 “audit we plan to conduct” was the IG notification for a pending investigation of IRS. Specifically of their handling of Conservative Groups filing applications and status.

We all know the result of that investigation was a finding the IRS was indeed targeting conservative groups – hence the IRS scandal erupted in the headlines.

However, far more troubling were later discoveries into the internal communications which suggested much more nefarious activity regarding the assembly of secret lists, the “Secret Research Project”.

An undertaking by both the Obama Administration and the DOJ together with the IRS began to surface.

The American Center for Law and Justice put it thusly:

“We know the IRS unconstitutionally targeted conservative groups. We know they illegally demanded, obtained, and held the donor lists of these conservative organizations. Now we learn that in 2012, the height of the targeting, the IRS was involved in a “secret research project” with this confidential, illegally obtained donor information.”

That’s more than a big deal. It’s potentially criminal.

The very fact that the IRS was using the phrase “secret research project” should give every American pause. But the fact that this project was conducted as part of a well-orchestrated effort to target and silence conservative Americans is utterly disturbing.

Now, again, ask yourself:

Why would Lois Lerner be delivering 21 CD-ROMs of data, lists of every American who joined arms with the Tea Party, to Eric Holder at the DOJ? And who specifically did she give it to?

WASHINGTON […] “After the Justice Department turned over the database to the Oversight Committee this month in response to a subpoena, the Justice Department says it was informed by IRS officials that it contains legally protected taxpayer information that should not have ever been sent to the FBI and it now plans to return the full database to the IRS,” a statement from the oversight committee said.

According to material obtained by the committee, the IRS sent the FBI “21 disks constituting a 1.1 million page database of information from 501(c)(4) tax exempt organizations, to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The transaction occurred in October 2010.

The data the IRS sent to the DOJ not only included the tax returns of every organization, it also included the “schedule Bs” of each of those returns. That means the DOJ received the list of every single person who contributed to one of the organizations. That’s much more information than just the IRS filings of the organizations themselves.

Are we to believe the DOJ just did nothing with that massive list of U.S. citizens who contributed to any political 501(c) group? Are we to believe those disks just sat in an office somewhere until the DOJ decided to return them?

Think about this and be intellectually honest.

Who authorized creating those CD-ROMs? Who, specifically, received them at the DOJ? What, specifically was done after their arrival? Who specifically was involved in all of this? We are talking about multiple layers of people in various levels of authorization.

This is actual evidence the DOJ was weaponized against a large portion of the American electorate. This reality is not in dispute. This actually happened. Yet, no-one has ever been held to account. Why?
If you wonder why the entire corrupt DC political class is openly in opposition to President Donald J Trump…. And if you wonder why President Donald Trump is expressing public frustrations with his Attorney General…. Well,… Perhaps Attorney General Jeff Sessions could begin by just asking these simple questions of his own organization.
Too much to ask?

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