McCain Shows His True Self

It is said the gate to hell has one word over it: spite.

Spite is the source of much evil, perhaps at the root of all evil.

Last night Senator McCain demonstrated spite when he cast the deciding vote to keep Obamacare.

It looks like spite was at the heart of his plan from the beginning.

He didn’t have to return to DC. He did so to make himself look heroic. He voted to allow debate on the repeal to proceed. He made a pretty speech about comity. Everyone applauded him for his courage and wisdom.

But now it’s obvious why he did it. He always intended to cast the deciding vote. McCain set a trap and he caught his intended prey.

If you’ll recall, McCain was behind the Golden Showers dossier on Trump. He facilitated it, then made sure it got some play. He detests Trump, probably because he is not a RINO like himself and then for the things Trump said about McCain not being a hero. Also because Trump succeeded in obtaining the presidency when McCain failed. That had to hurt.

All this bile must have stewed in his soul, fermented and coursed through his bloodstream. He wanted revenge and he got it last night.

It’s pretty obvious now that spite was also a factor in Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski’s votes for Obamacare. They, too, hate the thought of someone cleaning out the swamp. They like the muck and murk. They don’t know how to operate outside of it. They are Deep Staters and nothing could have persuaded them to change their vote.

It’s a shame that McCain now leaves his office having shown himself to be a petty, unprincipled, spiteful human being. Were I a voter in Arizona, I would be livid.

In keeping Obamacare McCain also dealt a crippling blow to our economy. The CBO scoring of the budget will have to carve a chunk out for the cost of Obamacare and Medicaid. That means a good tax cut will not be possible. Average Americans will have the high cost of health insurance premiums to pay, plus pay for the subsidization of Medicaid. The GDP will not be able to soar either. A real two-fer.
Letting Obamacare collapse also paves the way for single payer – the Democrat/Progressive dream giving them control over your life and the lives of loved ones.

It’s especially galling to think that Obama, Schumer and Pelosi are ecstatic today. They have successfully – once again – thwarted the will of the American people.
At least what voters wouldn’t do – remove McCain from office – God will.

We can only hope we have the last laugh. Should something happen to McCain in the next six months, he would be replaced by another Republican by their governor. Then they could perhaps revive it. It will be collapsing around us anyhow. Let the Democrats own it then.

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