If We Were the Dems…

The Democrats do anything it takes to win: stealing, cheating, lying, manipulating. then they turn around and act virtuous about it. They are Machiavellian to the extreme.

Dems stick together, as they did last night, when it comes to a vote. They cast moral objections aside, such as being a vehicle for the will of the people. If it’s good for their party, they do it, public be damned.

Republicans, however, don’t fixate on winning. They talk about it, but they are not committed to it. When someone like Trump comes along and pushes them over the victory line, they can’t deal with it. Suddenly it’s all about personal power plays.

Had they lost something by one vote, as Republicans did last night, Democrats would find a way around it. How, you ask? It’s obvious.

McCain’s brain surgery would be used against him. They would declare him unfit because of the cancerous tumor. They would find a parliamentary move to declare his vote invalid.

Indeed, McCain ran and was reelected by saying he would oppose Obamacare. So why did he flip, they could argue? It’s the cancer.

They’d make it stick, too. They would bully and berate, publicize and promote their view. They’d win.

But will we do that? No. One vote has damned Americans to socialized medicine.

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