Repeal Damage May Hit Dems

An interesting take on the Obamacare debacle comes from blogger Don Surber, entitled “Losing the Obamacare battle, winning the war”:

Cheesy Chuckie Schumer was all aglow when Republican Captain John McCain, USN, retired, voted down the skinny repeal of Obamacare.

Washington Wisdom is this will pass the buck of blame onto the Republican Party for Obamacare.

However, President Trump warned Democrats that when Obamacare collapses, they will be blamed.

Who is more savvy politically, the combined 10,000 years of political experience by all the pros in Washington, or the rookie who beat them all last year? Twice.

Readers know where my money is, but before I explain, let me turn to Scott Adams because the comics are now the intelligent section of your newspaper.

From Dilbert’s daddy:

Did you wonder why President Trump seemed somewhat hands-off on health care? I think it’s because his strongest play as a negotiator involved waiting until Congress utterly and completely failed. That almost didn’t happen last night. It took a war hero to finish the job.

Now it’s our turn to come up with better ideas, or to support better ideas wherever we see them. And if we are smart, we will insist on testing some ideas in limited ways, such as Special Health Care Zones in some states, and that sort of thing.

And we should be focused on innovation and technology to lower health care costs. There isn’t any other path forward.

OK, that’s the eighth-dimensional chess underwater in outer space explanation.

Oh, Scott Adams is right about the result. McCain rode to the rescue to dash the hopes of removing the tattoo Uncle Sam got one night in 2010 went he went on a bender.

But much as I like Scott Adams, President Trump did not have to use his wizardry this time.

The people in Washington are idiots.

They cannot — and will not — read the people. The elitists keep claiming moral victories, while the people keep handing them their asses.

Right now, half the people in the country are pissed at their senators for not repealing Obamacare.


The failure to repeal makes Obamacare another food stamps program, another HUD program, another EPA, another Medicaid, and any other government program you cannot get rid. It’s herpes. Again.

So we get all mad at Republicans, and give Congress back to the Democrats, and then what happens?

What fresh hell will they give us next?

A carbon tax?

Legalizing all illegal aliens?

Sharia law?

The American people — at least in the 30 states that elected Trump president — know that Democrats are an insatiable party that wants power, and wants to expand the government infinitely.

The American people also know the damage Democrats do cannot be undone.

The inability to overturn Obamacare — which by now is a synonym for every health insurance problem you have — shows the danger of voting Democratic.

People will be primaried. No doubt.

But right now it looks as though Democrats will lose seats in both houses next year because the American people realize the damage they do is permanent.

It is the devil we fear most that we will vote against.

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