NOLA Race Bellweather for Memphis?

Beale St. isn’t Bourbon St., but Memphis has much in common with New Orleans. Much of it isn’t good.

New Orleans has a high and rising crime rate, like we do. They’ve had 100 murders so far this year, plus lots of shootings, muggings and robberies, like we have. They have a 60% black population, like we do. They’ve been run almost exclusively by Democrats, like we are. They’ve had a controversy over Confederate monuments, like we have.

Only in NOLA, Mayor Mitch Landrieu has overseen the removal of four such monuments, including the very famous statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Circle. It wasn’t met with approval by all. It also caused attention to be drawn away from infrastructure problems, crime and jobs.

Landrieu cannot come up for election again, so they will have a primary October 14. Like Memphis, the candidates do not include any Republicans. There are 18 people vying for the job, but only 3 are probably contenders.

A Shreveport blogger explains reports:

“former Civil District Court Judge Michael Bagneris, City Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell, and former Municipal Court Judge Desiree Charbonnet are the main three.

Fellow businessman Frank Scurlock, who announced at about the same time as the “Big 3,” also could get a little traction using his own financial resources from his inflatable bounce house empire and his public opposition to the removal of the Confederate monuments to carve out a niche.

Eleven of the candidates signed up as Democrats, three are running as independents, and four others are running without a party affiliation.

This race will be closely watched throughout the state as many who have objected to Landrieu’s Confederate monument position have vowed not to visit the city until he is gone.

If a Landrieu clone is elected that tourism ban may continue.

The runoff is in November, but Landrieu will rule through May.

It’s a shame that we continue to let Democrats run our major cities into the ground.

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