Sympathy for Immigrants, Not Citizens

If six people came out to greet someone at the airport or somewhere else, would you consider it newsworthy? What about 20 people? Is that front page news?

Evidently it is for the Commercial Appeal. This morning most of the front page was taken up with a picture and story about people coming out to greet immigrants going to school yesterday on the first day.

“IMMIGRANT FAMILIES GET A BIG WELCOME” the headline insisted. “First day of school brings out a show of community support” read the subhead. The story started out, “Roughly 20 people lined up outside Belle Forest Community School in Hickory Hill on the first day of class Monday morning, holding signs with messages such as “We love our immigrants” and “Say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here.”

I hardly think 20 people is enough to warrant a front page spread. They could have been scooped up at the last minute just from passersby. Six adults welcomed people at Treadwell Elementary, 20 at Bruce Elementary and 50 at Brewster in Binghamton, an area where many of them live.

Actually, it’s quite surprising that the numbers were so small. Latino Memphis and several churches had put out the word to have people welcome students. I don’t think the numbers reflect a lot of enthusiasm for their cause.

The CA has decided, under the leadership of Executive Editor Mark Russell (he who used the Florida newspaper he worked for to play fast and light with facts on the Trayvon Martin case), to hit the Trump administration for its immigration policies. It’s part of the liberal backlash of SJW (social justice warriors) who feel their emotions exempt them from silly obligations like obeying the law.

Were ICE as horrible as they allege, ICE people would have been watching at schools and scooping up parents – something they obviously are not doing so why the need for the so much hostility? Didn’t it scare the students? Doesn’t that undermine the rule of law and respect for it?

They are teaching young people that their motives are out of a sincere concern and the rest of us are heartless people. There is no compassion for people paying for their free education, health care, food stamps, etc. The CA objects that 83 people from 3 states were rounded up by the DOJ. That hardly seems like a lot to me in an area from here to Jackson, Mississippi to New Orleans.

We are a generous and compassionate nation, but there are limits. We have laws. They should be respected and obeyed, not undermined.

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