Are Scientologists and Democrats the Same?

Last night I was watching A&E’s docudrama about Scientology, hosted by former Scientologist and actress Leah Remini.

She had a previous season show about it and A&# brought her back for more.

Remini and co-host Mike Rinder, also a former Scientologist, took time to outline what the tenants of the “religion” are. These were put up on the screen:

Anything goes.
The end justifies the means.
No behavior is off limits.
Lying is perfectly acceptable.
Cheating is fine.
Reputations are to be ruined.
Enemies must be destroyed.
Families of enemies must be destroyed.
No quarter will be given.
They will harass, follow, stalk, and attack.
Then – they will blame the behavior on their victim.

It is striking that these are also the strategies of the Democrat Party. They are applying it now like never before. Nothing’s off limits nor is anyone high or low free from their rage. Look at how many Republicans Trump supporters were viciously attacked before and after the election.

Politichicks writer Anne Marie Murell even made up a questionnaire to see if you can figure out which sentence applies to Democrats and which to Scientologists:

They try to smear/destroy anyone who defies or criticizes them
They created their own educational system to control youth
They work to censor/control all media about them
They target families who fall out of line
They encourage family members and friends to “shun” anyone who doesn’t believe exactly as they believe
They use Hollywood celebrities to defend their causes
They use ‘dark money’ to wield their power
They throw out words like “intolerant” and cry for “social justice” when targeted
They set up various charities to hide behind and spread their “gospel”
They claim to be religious but their foundation has nothing to do with religion

Can’t tell, can you?

The Pinkflamingoblog agrees. The blogger notes:

If you have followed the Trump campaign from beginning until the attack on Ivanka’s family on the plane on Thursday, you know every bit of this is provable fact. We’ve been documenting attacks, harassment, threats, and the demonetization of anyone who managed to get in Hillary Clinton’s way since the attacks on Bernie Sanders. I believe Scientology calls it ‘fair game’. For the Democrats, it is now simply politics as usual. Nothing and no one is off-limits.

Never before have family members of candidates been targets in such a vicious manner as have the Trumps. It has reached the point where an artist Ivanka likes is demanding she not exhibit the work she purchased. Eric has a charity that raises millions for St. Jude. He’s being forced to close it. We’re looking at practices more at home in North Korea than the United States. In the United States, we do not destroy the families and fortunes of our political opponents – at least not until now.

What is going on now is just plain ugly. It is hurting the Democrats, which is fine by me. It is also, though just more than a little bit frightening. This is how freedom dies.

The blogger is right. The liberals are intent on doing away with our democracy.

The Democrats are increasingly looking like a cult – and a very dangerous one.

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