Delivering Bias

If you ever wonder why so many letters to the editor in the CA are for liberal causes, it’s not just the luck of the draw.

We the public have no idea how many letters they get in support of an issue vs. how many are opposed. We don’t know either if they are representative of opinions or weighted one way or another. We don’t know if friends get preference or not. We as subscribers and/or readers don’t know how they are edited or why certain days are chosen to publish some letters while others can get relegated to low circulation times.

In short, they are completely in charge of what’s printed.

So it boils down to policy and the person who makes the choice.

With the Gannett owned CA it’s no mystery that they are completely on the Left, push agendas and try to punish certain legislators while elevating others. Just look at the recent immigration coverage. It’s all sob story and breast beating for those who illegally enter our country. The other side and the rule of law are not discussed.

Has there ever been a favorable story about Trump? Not one that I can recall. During the election and previous administration very little was published about Hillary’s email problem or the Benghazi fiasco. Deciding what’s not covered is just as biased as publishing screeds.

Clearly, the Gannett owned newspaper has a slant.

That brings us to the editorial writer choosing what to publish.

Can you guess who it is? Probably.

If you thought David Waters, you are correct.

The guy who gives us “religion” news (I don’t recall him avowing any particular one) and stories such as “Southern Baptists condemn white supremacy, but why?” or about criticisms of the Catholic diocese priest appointments chooses the letters.

Waters is the one who dotes on the plight of the illegal immigrant, criticizes the Obamacare repeal, sees racism everywhere, shows disdain for AG Jeff Sessions and doesn’t believe in a strong stance against crime, is the one shaping what Memphians read and feel.

It’s just another part of the media’s plan to disquiet you and cause angst. Don’t fall for it. In fact, you might want to give up reading the rag.

Thousands have and are probably better informed for it.

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