Fearing Everything

It’s been obvious that the media, pundits and many other facets of culture today have as their goal to scare you.

Lyin’ Brian Williams even admits it here:

When I look back over the decades I see that much of the time has been spent in fear mongering. Ever since Nagasaki the world has lived with the fear of a nuclear attack. That is understandable. (Although lately media doesn’t seem to care about North Korea doing it to us.)

But then we went to fear of eating apples, gluten fear, the big Memphis earthquake scare in the 90s, fear of global warming (or cooling – it doesn’t matter, just the fear part). We had the exploding cars, flammable clothes, lead pipe fear, arsenic in the water fear, environmental fear of all kinds, pollutant fears. We feared not having enough oil and gas in the 70s; hasn’t been a lack of energy though, has it?

MLGW warns of the need to conserve energy for fear we don’t run out and pushes smart meters to ration heat and air conditioning even though we have the world’s largest supply of liquid natural gas. Now there onto the fear of not enough water for us that will intensify internationally.

The cancer fears are a category all their own: cell phones, transmission towers, food additives, obesity, asbestos. You can’t perform any daily job without encountering something to kill you.

People are afraid of losing their jobs as we are warned that robots will soon take over many of them. We’re warned of racism. We’re warned of homophobia. We’re warned of Islamaphobia and offending them. Then there is terrorism, which supposedly we brought on ourselves.

There are asteroids to worry about; hurricane season dire predictions; superbug viruses that will wipe us out. We’re warned the president is a war mongering nut case. You name it and you should be afraid of it.

You can’t read a newspaper or watch TV without some kind of fear accosting you.

We’re a long way from the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, aren’t we? No country can survive in this atmosphere.

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