Let Truth Come Out

What happened at yesterday’s rally in Charlottesville is truly awful.

But before we all start jumping to conclusions – although the left immediately did – there needs to be some questions and answers. We need to let the Justice Department and police find out the facts first. So often when something happens things are muddled and confused. There’s a fog about what happens. It’s dangerous to let emotions determine facts.

That it happened in Virginia raises some eyebrows. Terry McAuliffe is governor there. He’s attached to the Clintons and Obama and there is a governor’s race there this November 5. Did he order the police to stand down? It appears they were told not to stop the protestors. Did he want the incident to use to influence the election? Remember also that McAuliffe fancies himself a successful presidential candidate in 2020.

Why were both groups allowed to protest anyhow? They had clashed on Friday. It looks like only one side had a permit. Why didn’t McAuliffe call out the National Guard?

Who were the participants? The Antifa group doesn’t get much mention, but evidently they were there with Communist flags. Are they paid thugs from the Soros group? Were some of the supremacists participants his plants, too? Did the Left want a martyr?

Why was Trump dragged into this? He was right to condemn the violence. He was right to be careful before he targeted anyone. To do that would not be in the interest of finding out facts. It wouldn’t be presidential.

Obama is more at fault for this than Trump. Obama fanned the flames of racism continually in his eight years. That’s part of the Democrats’ creed of a manufactured crisis. Make one, then use it to advance themselves.

Although Americans now appear to love hysteria, we need to calm down and let rationality have a chance. Let them determine who did want and be punished. But do it with facts.

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