Questions for Liberals

Since the election, liberals and young people have howled like hungry wolves with rabies.

Why? What has turned their world upside down? I don’t see it. I would like to ask them what is different today than it was on August 15, 2016?

Have people who object to Trump been put into prison? Have networks and newspapers been silenced? Has censorship taken over (well, outside of google and facebook)? Are you scared to speak out? It sure doesn’t look like it.
Have abortions stopped? Has the environment been choked with pollution? Has the economy tanked?
Has job creation and the stock market crashed? No, both are improving.
Have trade laws put Americans out of work and their wages lowered? Have Russia and China agendas been promoted?

Has the IRS been used to target groups against Trump and the Republicans? Obama used that agency to collapse the Tea Party, but no one rioted in the streets about it.

Have blacks and gays been rounded up and put in interment camps? You’d think so if you saw the reaction in Charlottesville.

But will rioting change the mind of hate filled people? If you see dung in the street do you go jump into it too? Why would you give white supremacy attention anyhow? It’s like seeing a dying fire and rushing to give it oxygen.

Will taking down one Confederate statue create jobs for black people? Will it clean up the inner cities or reduce black on black crime?

Same with the vagina hats. If you think someone refers to women inappropriately, then why do you do it, too, reinforcing the idea of women as their parts?

Where’s your thoughtful argument about Trump? Every time I hear someone attack him it always ends with the F word. Where are reason and logic? Screaming and yelling don’t convince people. Did your parents yelling at you ever change your mind?

What happened to the they go low, we go high mantra? Or that Progressives claim to be looking forward, but all they do is look backwards. You’d think we are perennially stuck in the Deep South 1950s.

What’s next? Objections to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Should we tear down their monuments and rename our capital? Where does it end?

We can’t change history, no matter how they want to try. Is it a good thing to forget past wars and arguments? Shouldn’t we leave them up to remind us of where we came from?

The end game of all of this is chaos. Americans will not like what that brings. The Left is flirting with it, aided by the media. Many of them have no idea what that would bring.

Sanity must make a comeback.

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