Media Heighten Tensions

The media has ratcheted up discord to such a degree that it is becoming noticeable in everyday life.

Here are two incidents that happened this week that reflect the hair trigger anger we’re living in.

First, someone on facebook wrote about seeing a man in a local Mexican restaurant wearing a Confederate flag T-shirt. The person became so angry that the person started talking loudly about Nazis and Fascists. Apparently that did not get a rise out of the man. So on the way out, the person touched the man and said “Charlottesville.” Friends on facebook applauded the act and got in on the outrage and name calling.

Luckily the incident did not escalate. I’ve always felt that if someone walks around with a dumb T-shirt or cap that messages some philosophy outside the mainstream that it is a good thing. Everyone around knows then who and what that person is and to avoid him/her. The Left that loves labels should applaud the candor.

Second, to give such a person attention is to advance their cause. The KKK, Neo Nazis and what have you are not large in number. Focusing on them gives them a platform that otherwise would go unnoticed and eventually go away. No matter how hard the Left wants to, they cannot look into every heart and expunge prejudice or discrimination. Not going to happen in this world.

The other incident happened at the Harbor Freight store. They sell all kinds of tools, and construction workers, auto mechanics and other workers bustle in and out prepping for jobs. There was a long line on the day I visited and only one cashier. Another cashier opened up and said she’d take the next person in line.

A black man jumped the line and went over to her. A Hispanic guy said to a black guy also waiting in line that you learn not to do something like that in kindergarten. They then began to berate the man. The line jumper realized what he had done and began to apologize profusely. He told then to go ahead, but they wouldn’t budge. They just continued to make comments about him. He apologized again and again and offered to get back in line but they would have none of it. They were enjoying stewing in their own vitriol.

It’s not a big incident, but it reflects how ready to react people are now.
I’m not the only one to notice it.

Here’s another incident posted anonymously at a blog:

There is a 60 year-old white man that works in our building. He is gay, sensitive, living with a partner and almost completely bald due to a disease.

Early the past week the man was shopping at a 99 cent store. He was set upon by 4 or 5 you black men that taunted him, calling him a Nazi and threatening him with violence when he left the store to walk to his car. Fortunately they did not carry through. He was shaken all afternoon and evening, then slept about 2 hours that night.

I’m sure unreported incidents like this are going on all over this country.

Newspapers and media are pushing this stuff, as does the CA this morning in a front page story identifying the caretaker of Nathan Bedford Forrest’s home. It’s as if they want to rile people to go after him. They might as well give out pitchforks, torches and a rope. Someone will probably try to attack him.

On the other side, Fox News host and Democrat Eboni Williams got death threats after she opposed President Trump. This is unacceptable.

The media is playing a very dangerous game in enflaming the public. They know it, but are willing to continue. We do not need another Civil War.

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