What’s Up at Drudge Report?

You might have noticed, as I have, that the Drudge Report has turned a bit sour.

During the campaign, he was a big Trump supporter. Lately he’s been gloomy and downcast when it comes to the Prez.

I have not been looking at it with the frequency I used to do.

It was headlines bemoaning the lack of a border wall, the turmoil in the White House and the Charlottesville ones that have seemed very unlike the usual Drudge. He appears to have lost faith in Trump.

Personally I don’t see it. The assault on President Trump would have ruined any other C in C. Everything in the media is outrage and outrageous. Anything he says is dissected to find some little bit of problem, put under a microscope and suddenly there’s a malignancy.

Why Drudge has joined in on some of this is puzzling. Evidently Drudge has been in touch with the White House frequently. Fox2News in St. Louis lays it out:

Matt Drudge has been in the White House an awful lot these days — “all the time,” as one senior administration official puts it. He’s met with President Donald Trump, spent time with Ivanka Trump, and doled out advice to Jared Kushner.

That he’d have influence in the Trump White House should not be all that surprising. The internet news tycoon, who founded and edits the Drudge Report, the narrative-setting conservative news website, has been one of Trump’s most ardent supporters since Trump announced his candidacy. He boosted him through the contentious Republican primaries, helped him defeat Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by galvanizing the GOP base, and, for the better half of his young presidency, has stayed in sync with the White House’s talking points.

But Drudge is blindly loyal to no one — which could, ultimately, make him as dangerous to this White House as he has been helpful to it.

Indeed, lately Drudge has appeared irked by Trump and his White House, frustrated with the president’s inability to carry out the ambitious agenda he campaigned on. And he’s not being shy about it.

Over the past several weeks, Drudge’s website has covered the White House with a more critical eye, more frequently drawing attention to news not exactly flattering to the president. It displayed as a banner headline a story about Trump certifying the Iran nuclear deal, something that Trump had vehemently opposed during the campaign. It has covered stories about the investigation into Russian election meddling with increased intensity, surprising some observers with recent banners about “THE EMAIL” and how “RUSSIANS PASSED DNC DIRT DURING JR. MEET.” And, last week, the site took a direct shot at the president’s lack of progress with a banner declaring former President Barack Obama to be “LIVING EASY.” It linked to a Los Angeles Times story headlined, “Trump set out to uproot Obama’s legacy. So far that’s failed.”

The recent coverage has served as a red flag — or a flashing siren, if you will — to those who frequent the Drudge Report. Drudge hasn’t turned definitively against Trump yet, and he didn’t respond to a request for comment for this story, but according to two people close to him, he is certainly antsy with the rate of progress coming from the White House.

“He’s growing impatient,” one of the people close to Drudge told CNNMoney. “Drudge takes some credit, I think, for getting Trump elected into the White House and he expected him to follow through on the promises he campaigned on. Look, it’s not going well so far. Some of it is, but for the most part it’s trouble. Drudge can see that. He’s not blind to reality.”

The other person close to the reclusive publisher told CNNMoney that it “seems like Matt is starting to get a bit miffed.”

I suppose this is a somewhat common occurrence. Once you attain something, others want to influence you and are disappointed if you don’t fulfill their immediate expectations.

Drudge is an unusual individual. He’s very private and keeps a low profile. Some even say he’s reclusive.

Conservative columnist John Ziegler said, “Drudge above everything is a capitalist who loves chaos. He’s not a conservative. He is not really an ideologue,” continued Ziegler. “He loves the story. He needs the next chapter. He wants traffic. And he wants this to come out in a way that’s good for him. I sense he is trying to have it both ways right now. He’s acknowledging now there’s a fire. That’s I think the main thing.”

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