Mayor Asks Opinions, Ignores Them

Mayor Strickland is determined to get rid of Confederate statues. Even if Memphians don’t agree with him.

I took a look at his facebook page yesterday. He wrote: “Please join our efforts to remove the Confederate statues in the City of Memphis. Public input is a factor the Tennessee Historical Commission uses when it evaluates a waiver request — like the ones we have to remove the Nathan Bedford Forrest and Jefferson Davis statues. We want members of the commission to hear from as many Memphians as possible.

“We’ll compile the feedback and deliver it to each commission member prior to its next meeting. And remember: We need just a simple majority vote of the commission members present and voting to remove the Forrest statue, since it was filed under the 2013 law.”

He then put this up: “Want the statues removed? Let the Tennessee Historical Commission hear from you!
Mayor Jim Strickland wants to remove Confederate statues in the City of Memphis, but a state law requires that the Tennessee Historical Commission approve the moves.

“Public input is among the items the Tennessee Historical Commission considers. We encourage you to offer your thoughts to the commission below. Prior to its next meeting, Mayor Strickland’s administration will share this input with each individual member of the commission.”

Well plenty of people did comment. I’d say most of them were unhappy with the removal. You can read them all at his facebook page, Mayor Jim Stricklnd. The topic is down a bit on the page, as if he’s not happy with the responses. They’re really quite entertaining. Here’s a sample:

“Mr Mayor. You are a disgrace. I’m embarrassed I voted for you.”
“Our history can’t be forgotten or rewritten.”

“I’m reselling my eclipse glasses. If your offended by the looks of a statue these will come in real handy for viewing memorials.”
“Leave the statues alone do not try to change history stop pandering to the whiny little brats that got their feelings hurt”

“Can you get a petition started on reducing the crime in this city. I mean gee whiz. Something needs to happen. I don’t know what, but this is unacceptable. Y’all worrying about statues??? If we can get them removed, then let’s remove some of the crime. One deadbeat at a time…”

“I don’t believe removing these statues will improve race relations one iota. Not in my lifetime.”

“Memphis needs more law enforcement and more economic development, not statue relocation.”
“Serious question. Who will pay for the removal?”
“Can’t rewrite history. They need to stay.”

” Hell no!!! Every every founding father of this great nation and every president of the land of the free have some kind of checkered past. We cannot allow ignorance to try and eliminate history. Where do you stop? When will it end?”
“Leave them. Right now, there just statues from a dark time with a tiny marker. Opportunity to turn them into a learning experience! Who they were, what they represented, and who they were later in their lives. Could be a healing opportunity.”
” Hey mayor, concentrate on real issues for your city. How about lowering crime! Cleaning up neighborhoods, fixing streets. Paying police and fire more!!! Just a start. Quit trying to erase history.”
“Jim you cannot change history. Disappointed in this. Thought you were a stonger leader.”
“You need to be more worried about the CRIME and PANHANDLING in this city instead of a Statue. Very embarrassing.”
There were some that wanted the removal of the statues, but not so many as the scolding ones on Strickland’s leadership.

This issue is a red herring because it won’t lead us anywhere. Strickland is trying to deflect with this issue because he’s really not done anything for the city. We’re still filled with crime, our schools are poor and we need more jobs here.

It’s just so much easier to rile people up than solving things.

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