What’s Going on at the CA?

We all know that our only daily newspaper can’t help itself when it comes to bias. They can never find a Republican they like, although when Corker starts spewing anti Trump nonsense, they can’t print it fast enough.

When it comes to budgets you can bet that they will decry every cut Trump makes and bring out the tiny violins for those Deep Staters losing their jobs. But, when it comes to their own staff, they were happy to get rid of 20 + reporters, experienced advertising department employees, the copy desk editors and others.

By the way, if you have wondered what happened to the Most section that usually comes out on a Sunday in July, it has been delayed til September because pissed off advertising employees who lost their jobs took some of their info with them to leave the CA in the lurch. A lot of frantic reworking of ads ensued. Plus, they had fired Michael Donahue who did the stories and was a big part of the art work in it.

But back to content. Race is the big and only issue for the CA. Not surprising when you realize that editor Mark Russell comes from The Orlando Sentinel. He was the editor there during the Trayvon Martin case.

The Conservative Treehouse carried this story at the time and delved into what the editor there did.

When Rene Stutzman, a reporter for The Orlando Sentinel, informed me about the editorial board deciding “what” content would be “permitted to be discussed”, within the Trayvon Martin reporting of her newspaper…

The editor in charge of the Sentinel was Mark Russell. Obviously, based on the extreme position taken by the editor and shared with me via Stutzman, the position was such that no aspect of Trayvon Martin’s background would be covered by the paper. It was clearly a racial position.

Stutzman shared her editor had specifically stated that nothing about the life story or background of Trayvon Martin was to be written. Nor was anything to be included, shared or published that would cast a shadow upon the already formed public opinion.

She gave me specific examples of what was, and what was not, allowed.

Included in the non-allowed examples was anything to do with the family structure of Tracy Martin or Sybrina Fulton. In essence they could only write “as if” they were a complete *traditional* family unit from birth to death.

Also off limits was anything about Trayvon Martin the 17-year-old which would include his school suspensions, records of drug use, social media, gang affiliations, or anything of similar disposition…

In essence Stutzman shared her organization having already invested considerable finances in the trial coverage and nothing that might shake up those investments from providing a return would be permitted entry onto their pages.

The full accounts can be found here: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/08/11/now-the-brutal-bias-from-the-orlando-sentinel-in-the-zimmerman-case-makes-sense-the-editorial-review-was-full-frontal-racial-bias-from-black-content-approvers/

and here: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2013/06/02/the-media-vs-george-zimmerman-trial-delivery-at-any-cost-and-the-crs-has-reserved-seats-for-the-lynching/.

Russell ended up being ousted from the Orlando Sentinel in August of that year.

It gives you an idea of how he operates.
Here’s another. A recent email he sent to staff as reported in the Memphis Flyer:

“Starting today (Monday), building security in The CA’s 495 building has been reduced to 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

“For this week, if you work after 5 and need an escort to your car, please ask a colleague to accompany you. If you are worried about working in your department alone after, say, 6 or 7 p.m., please consider leaving at 5 to work from a coffee shop, home, or some other location that has what you need and where you feel secure.

“And the same thing goes for someone starting at 6 a.m. Please work from a coffee shop or home if you are worried about being safe coming in at 5:45 before security starts this week.”

Shortly thereafter, the newspaper tweeted a reminder for readers to celebrate their workplace, The Flyer said.

There’s also the problem of the three elevators in the main building not working. They were knocked out during the Memorial Day storm, but have not been fixed. Staff have to use the stairs or a freight elevator in the adjoining building.

It’s not a pretty picture at 495 Union, is it? Doesn’t look like it will get better either.

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