Better Cork It, Senator

Senator Mitch McConnell recently intimated that he thinks President Trump will not be reelected.
I can’t think of any statement that could better show how dense, out of touch and totally DC Swampy he is.

McConnell thinks he’s playing with a naive outsider in Trump. He thinks he can outmaneuver him or call his bluff. He thinks Trump will tuck tail and cave when he gets opposition.

We in the heart of the country know better. We forged a bond with Trump to get rid of swamp critters whoever and wherever they are.

We recognize that Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnell are not getting the job done. They are putting their own interests, lobbying, cozying up with the media or other interests before ours. They are the ones who are doomed. They are prey grazing on the savanna and don’t even see the danger to themselves in the bush.

Enter Senator Corker. He has been one of the outstandingly stupid prey in DC. He’s up for election next year and yet he prances about throwing mud at the President. He doesn’t think that doing that is like throwing mud on his constituents. We loathe the media and don’t care what they think or how they brand us. Yet he sides with them.

It won’t take much to primary this cocky critter with a Napoleon complex.

If you doubt it, look at what’s happening in Alabama. McConnell’s favorite, incumbent Senator Luther Strange, is losing double digits to Roy Moore. McConnell is infamously remembered for what he did to Chris McDaniel in Mississippi, who he slammed and by coercion got the half dead Thad Cochran reelected.

We’re smarter now.
But evidently Corker isn’t. He probably hasn’t considered that by pleasing the media he is letting them draw him into an electoral defeat. Every time they applaud him, he loses votes in Tennessee. Still, he loves the lavish praise and can’t stop himself.

I agree with this assessment from Americanthinker:

Ted Cruz and other intrepid souls in the Senate need to push McConnell. Insist on a full-court press: dangle carrots, twist arms, strip seniority and committee assignments from recalcitrant senators, among other tactics. Withhold NRSC support and dry up national fundraising for incumbents running for reelection.

Fat chance that McConnell plays tough and gets legislation through? Well, maybe. But even more justification then to oust Mitch before the first snowfall.

That’s the inside game. Out here on the hustings, its about fighting it out with establishment Republicans in as many district and state primaries (and the few caucuses) as able. It’s about taking control of state Republican parties and backing candidates who, no bones about it, support the president’s agenda.

We have plenty of candidates to primary Corker. And plenty of people itching to support whoever opposes him.

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