Rhodes Republicans Revitalize College

Alex Schramkowski
Alex Schramkowski

At a time when many college campuses are refusing to let conservative speakers talk or are deepening their commitment to all things liberal, Rhodes College has a conservative Republican leader unafraid to state his case and his cause.

He is Alex Schramkowski, a sophomore and president of the Rhodes College Republicans.

If you have paid any attention to Shelby GOP notifications, you may have run across his name. He’s been aggressively working for his group and last night spoke at the Midtown Republican Club.

He admits hee’s passionate. “I want to revitalize the club,” Schramkowski said. “Right now we have 120 plus members, up from 100 last year. That’s a tenth of the student population. Conservatives on campus didn’t feel they were represented. We want to make them relevant.

“Our goal is to be the preeminent source of information for students. That’s the mission – to make us more informed. We will focus on state level politics such as electing a new governor, judges and senators. We want to let students know these are your choices so people will feel connected with state politics.”

One way Schramkowski plans on doing this is to have speakers come to campus. He already has Mae Beavers coming September 26. She’s running for governor and he hopes she will talk about her experience in state government and coming from the rural side of the state. Additionally, he has gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee coming to speak.

Mark Green, the state senator whose name was put up for Army Secretary by President Trump, will come and talk about being a veteran and the influence his faith has had. “Hopefully we’ll have Sen. Mark Norris, now nominated for a judgeship, talk about the judicial process. Our speaker list will grow,” he says, as the year progresses.

The club is also going to push for voter registration at Rhodes. “We want a more engaged community,” Schramkowski said. “Students tell me that Memphis is a blue city, but when you look at it, it’s not totally. We’re piloting an internship program to help candidates with their campaigns. We want to expand beyond the gates of Rhodes. We want to give them a political science experience. I’m working with the administration so that they can get credit for this work.”

Another big goal is to go to the state convention in February, he said.

To achieve all this takes money. The Rhodes College Republicans need donations. They are welcoming the public to their speaker series and you can donate as follows.

I’m sure they will accept donations of any amount, too.

The fight for the future really starts by taking college campuses back. It’s wonderful to see someone coming forward to do battle. Schramkowski and the Rhodes Republican Club deserve our support.

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