Hurricanes Bring Winds of Change

According to the Miami Herald, massive aid is on its way to Florida.

A huge airborne relief mission is en route to the Keys to help people impacted by the devastation caused when the eye of Hurricane Irma blasted through the Lower Florida Keys at daybreak Sunday morning.

Monroe County Emergency Management Director Martin Senterfitt called the destruction caused by Irma, a massive Category 4 storm when it impacted the Keys, a “humanitarian crisis.”

Among the services coming to the Keys are “disaster mortuary teams,” he said during a conference call.

United States Air Force special operations pilots are testing flights with C-130 cargo planes around the massive storm from Mississippi to the Keys in anticipation of the mission, which will include Air National Guard flights of more C-130s and helicopters following the fixed-wing flights.

“The help is on its way,” Senterfitt said during a conference call Sunday afternoon.

“We’re going to get more aid than we’ve ever seen in our lives,” Senterfitt said.

Supplies and personnel could be coming in by air to Monroe County by early Monday morning, Senterfitt said.

The first arrival will be at Florida Keys Marathon Airport, which can handle about two C-130 planes at a time. The plan, said Senterfitt, is to have two C-130s land every two hours on the airfield there.

Doesn’t this defy all liberal belief? Didn’t they say that Trump was a businessman, not a leader? They pound us with the notion that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Looks like he does. Career politicians before him have failed, even though they supposedly understand government.

They tell us he lacks compassion. Is this the move of someone who doesn’t care about the welfare of others?

They tell us Trump sympathizes with Nazis, Alt Right and the KKK. Is this the act of someone who is racially motivated in all he does? In Florida, people who went to the shelters, of their own will or rounded up because they were homeless, have not been subject to racial tests. No one has asked them about their immigration status. No one apparently cared what it was. So much for the myth of Trump wanting to purge the U.S. of foreigners.

Blacks, Hispanics, the poor, gays – all the ones Republicans and Trump are supposed to hate – have not been left to a likely death.

By the way, has anyone ever encountered someone from the KKK or a neo Nazi? I haven’t. Do you see them meeting and looking for new members? Are they popping up wherever you look?

No. They are not legitimate factors of any kind in this country. They haven’t been for decades. Millennials and Democrats are on hair trigger alert for them. They think they’re skulking around every tree waiting for the chance to have a coup. We are warned about them by the media.

They aren’t a group large enough to worry about. It’s a strategy to divide and destroy the country.
Two hurricanes are showing us that Trump can handle a crisis and that the American people work together to help each other selflessly in tragedies.

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