What Happened to Hillary?

Ten months after the presidential election, I still enjoy Hillary’s (and the media’s) struggle to understand her loss. It has been a crushing blow to both of them and they haven’t gotten over it.

Neither have I. It’s still a lot of fun to watch.

Happily, Hillary keeps obliging. She can’t stop her whining. She was on CBS Sunday morning talking to Jane Pauley this weekend. Here’s the clip. It’s worth the 12-13 minute time investment.

Shouldn’t someone tell her she ought to stop trying to imitate German Chancellor Angela Merckel? What – were they separated at birth?

They even share a love of white wine, evidently.

In the interview with Pauley, Hillary likes quite a bit of it, judging from how her weird turtle like top looks about ready to pop its button.

Hillary has that weird eye thing going on again, too. The one where one pupil kind of wanders from being in sync with the other. We got plenty of that during the campaign, even though they tried to hide it.

Interesting, too, that the clips of Trump CBS chose to illustrate Hillary’s point, don’t. She talks of his white nationalist inaugural speech and they have him talking about carnage. As I recall that concerned how many black people are being killed in our streets, especially Chicago. He didn’t think it was a good thing.

Then the stalking incident at Wash U. It looked like two people on a stage, not stalking, not threatening.

Her quote about Trump saying that “he had no idea” being in the White House was “harder than he thought.” When did he say that? Seems unlikely.
How did you like the hubris of the Clintons buying a house on the property for her White House staff? Did you catch the picture of the White House on the wall? Maybe she thought staff would like to be reminded of her importance.

Hillary can go on living in her Chappaqua world. The rest of us opted out.

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