Uh- O – Look Who’s Coming to 60 Mins.

So Oprah Winfrey, having conquered the daytime TV talk show, magazines and the weight loss market (for everyone except herself), now turns her efforts to hard news.

Well, sort of hard news. She’s about to join CBS’ “60 Minutes” as a correspondent.

Her first topic, on Sept. 24, will be America’s political divisions.

It’s an issue she’s certainly contributed to abundantly. She never missed an opportunity to hit Republicans. Remember how she treated George W. Bush? She piled on with Katrina, claiming there were more rapes and deaths in the Super Dome than there were. She refused to travel with First Lady Laura Bush to Afghanistan because she didn’t want to help a Republican in any way.

Then there was her treatment of Michelle and Barack Obama. Godlike reverence is a phrase that comes to mind. She was said to have brought him a million votes in the 2008 Democrat primary. He reciprocated by awarding her the Medal of Freedom. After the 2016 election, Oprah joined him and some other worthless celebs in the Pacific for a vacay.

Oprah admitted she “couldn’t breathe after the election” of Trump. She was all in for Hillary.

She’s even thought about running for president herself, saying that if he could win, she could, too. Maybe that’s what all this is about.

Sure, she’s who I turn to as a fair analyst of America’s political divisions. Not.

What will she tackle after that topic?

You can bet race will be a constant. Beef producers and tainted hamburger? Remember how the beef people sued her. Maybe she’d like payback. How about what happens when celebrities give away cars to poor people who can’t even afford the tax on them?

Or the truth about weight loss. There’ll be plenty of celeb interviews you can bet. Look for some with sob stories to get first attention.

Maybe how you deal with having eight houses and what a difficulty that is.

Marriage advice from someone who perpetuated a relationship that gave an OK to live in relationships. There are lots of possibilities.

Not that 60 Minutes really matters anymore. There was a time when most Americans wouldn’t miss it and actually believed the stories they sold us.

Not anymore. It’s as irrelevant as Oprah is, so they’ll make a good match.

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