Journalist Employs Psychic Powers, Hex

Can the liberals get any more crazed? Every time you think you’ve heard one make an over the top comment, another one pops up with something even more bizarre.

Remember Sally Quinn? She was married to Ben Bradlee, the editor of the Washington Post during Watergate. She also was with CBS News and wrote for the Washington Post.

In the past few years, though, she’s jumped the shark even by DC shark standards. She told the Daily Mail last week that she has psychic abilities and once put a hex on three people who ended up dying.

At one time, she was a religion editor for the Post. Makes sense, huh?

Quinn has fought the impulse to put a hex on President Trump, even though friends have asked her to do it. “I don’t do that anymore,” she said.

No, but the psychic part of her is still operating. I guess. I don’t think she predicted Trump’s victory, but she does his defeat. Quinn doesn’t think he’ll serve out his term in office. “I could be wrong, but I think this is worse than Watergate, because what you’re talking about here is collusion with a foreign enemy, and that’s treason,” Quinn told the Daily Mail.

We’re supposed to take her seriously, as a journalist and a psychic, since she’s been so correct on other matters.

Quinn then had the temerity to lament the polarization of American politics. “The environment right now is more toxic and more poisonous than I’ve ever seen,” she said.

Isn’t it funny that whenever the liberals lose and have little power, it’s suddenly a divisive world again. (See Oprah story below).

But she wouldn’t mind you buying her new book, even if you’re a conservative, I wager. It’s called “Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir.”

God help us.

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