Trump at His Finest

Watching President Trump’s very serious, excellent and heartfelt speech at the UN this morning stands in complete contrast with yesterday’s ridiculous Emmys.

Trump gets who we are. He gets what needs to be done. He is ready to do everything he can for this country.

That liberal clown show by the entertainment industry Sunday night with all its frenetic Hollywood dance stunts and hateful rhetoric is not who or what this nation is. TV people have no idea what the middle of the country believes or wants. All they know is what they want us to be and that is mini me’s who embrace globalist ideas.

Contrast, too, the times when Obama addressed the U.N. His harshest words were not for dictators or rogue regimes, but for Americans. He did not think we should lead. He thought we were the problem in the world. Obama was only there to bask in the adulation of people he liked more than his own countrymen. It was always about him.

Glad Trump called him out for the terrible Iran deal he made.

Trump may be a political outsider, but that’s what the Founders always wanted. They did not want a permanent political class. They understood that leadership comes from the people, not the elite.

Today Trump showed he is more than able to govern. He showed that he’s not afraid to call out evil. He did not swagger, nor did he boast. He was in command.

If you didn’t get to hear it this morning, go listen to all 40 minutes of it.

America is back.

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