DNC in the Dumps

The media always talks about how divided the GOP is. From the way they talk, you’d think the Republicans had lost the election, had little control of state legislatures and were the minority in Congress. None of it true. Surprise.

It is true that there are different factions in the GOP seemingly at war with one another. Look back at the past 50 years and see that it’s been that way for a long time. There were elected officials who fought Reagan, Bush and Bush 43. The first big legislation that W pushed, No Child Left Behind, had to scrape together votes before it passed. It was not a slam dunk.

That’s just how an organization that values individualism and freedom operates.

In truth, things are dire for the Dems. Their fund raising is in the toilet. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

he Democratic National Committee’s already dire financial standing worsened during the month of August, according to its Wednesday night filing to the FEC.

The DNC raised just $4.4 million last month, the second lowest August fundraising figure for the party in the past decade. The party had less cash on hand at the end of the month than it did at the beginning, as its spending outpaced its fundraising by $44,575.

And it gets worse. The DNC’s debt substantially increased from $3.4 million to $4.1 million, a figure equal to about 60 percent of the committee’s total cash on hand.

By contrast, the RNC raised $7.3 million in the month of August, giving them $45.8 million cash on hand. Neither do they have any debts, while the DNC owes more than $4 million.

They are bankrupt in candidates, too. There aren’t that many of them out there since the Obama years drained them of 1,200 offices nationwide. Most of the senior people are seniors – more than 70 years old like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Without lower ballot offices, the top tier is drying up.

They are bankrupt of ideas, too. Everything they preach sounds like it came from FDR’s playbook or Joseph Stalin’s. They have no strategy except to give things away and hope to attract voters doing that.

An internal DNC poll recently found that their main issues are not popular:

“Raising the minimum wage to $15 is as unpopular as it was when the Obama White House tried to make it Democrats’ rallying cry in the 2014 midterms. Participants in battleground-state focus groups said they see that rate as relatively high and the issue in general as being mostly about redistributing money to the poor. The DCCC memo urges candidates instead to talk about a ‘living wage,’ or to rail against outsourcing jobs.”

Then on free college tuition:

“The call for free college tuition fosters both resentment at ivory tower elitism and regret from people who have degrees but are now buried under debt. Many voters see ‘free’ as a lie — either they’ll end up paying for tuition some other way, or worse, they’ll be paying the tuition of someone else who’ll be getting a degree for free.

“Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research and Gerstein Bocian Agne Strategies conducted online polling of 1,000 Democrats and 1,000 swing voters across 52 swing districts for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Their advice to candidates afterward: Drop the talk of free college.”

Whenever the media starts running down the GOP you know they are doing it because they understand the “threat” we bring to their hegemony.

Don’t listen. Look at facts instead.

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