NFL – National Fools League

Since when does politics belong in football? Or in food series or recipes? Or in dance contests or kindergarten activities or movies or comedy or magazines or anything else besides politics?

Liberals have infected them all with angry, progressive, stupid thinking that doesn’t belong there.

When Trump called out the NFL players last night, or when he responded to the NBA Golden Warriors and rescinded their invitation to the White House, he was fighting for the majority of Americans. We’ve all been taking these slurs and derision for way too long.

So it was ironic that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wrote this:

Divisive? Respect for the NFL? Force for good? The players are the ones who started attacking American values by taking a knee and dividing us into camps. They are not respecting us, so they don’t earn or merit our respect. It’s a two way street.

As for football being a force for good, he might want to reconsider that one. The League itself has raised concerns about concussions and what the game does to players. It’s not good. Nor is the flashy lifestyle so many of them glory in that dupes other people into following their often crash and burn careers.

I would wager most Americans are tired of being insulted by sports players, chefs, actors, singers and the whole lot that uses their venue as a stage to throw shade on the rest of us.

They don’t seem to get it. Perhaps the only way they will is through their wallets.

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