Why I Quit Listening to News Analysts

Actually, this is reason Number 44 or so: Karl Rove and people like him.

Rove appeared on Fox News Sunday and attacked President Trump for his calling out NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem. He believes Trump will be walking away from this controversy as a “loser.”

Rove said, “What instead of swearing at them, he said, ‘I understand that you have a right to do this, but we stand and respect our flag, not because of America’s imperfections, but because we are constantly as a nation aspiring to the approval of history. We salute the flag because the struggles and the sacrifices of generations of Americans to make this a better country. That is why we stand and salute our flag and why we put our hand over our heart.’”

Rove shows he is a major critter of the DC Swamp with this remark. He has no understanding of the rest of the country.

Rove never thought Trump would have a chance to win the election. How out of touch is that? And how spiteful, because Trump wouldn’t pay his organization to deliver polls and stats Rove wanted him to buy from his firm?

You see, Republicans are supposed to lose elections to their liberal counterparts and media. The swamp rule says the GOP must submit and continue the status quo. Trump doesn’t acknowledge that rule or like it. He and we don’t know our place in the grand scheme of Washington.

This is a culture war. We’re in it. We haven’t fought back. Finally somebody is.

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