Me-Again’s Show Debuts

After months of speculation, after months of hype, after months of waiting, Megyn Kelly’s new show debuted this morning on NBC – and I missed it.

I missed her summer interview shows, too. Looks like a lot of other people did, too, since it never got the ratings of 60 Minutes repeats. Here are the first few minutes of this morning’s show:

I’m intrigued by what people call her pussy pink top. Is she trying to connect with the pathetic liberal women who took to the streets in those colored hats to protest President Trump? Perhaps she thought it would get her kudos from her liberal masters at NBC.

Then there’s Melania Trump’s similar bow tie pink outfit she wore to one of the presidential debates.

I doubt Me-again was wearing it to connect with Melania; more like a slap in the face to her, I would suppose.

Right away, Me-again changes the topic from her show to who else – herself. She left out her first husband in her life story. Hmm, wonder why?

Kelly certainly poured gas on the scrap heap when she anchored debates during the presidential debates, didn’t she. Not exactly unifying.

Talk about working the crowd with her sob story!

She even gets an audience member to keep up talking about herself. Unbelievable.

Then her husband is brought on stage with red roses for her. She said it was a surprise. Uh huh.

Wonder if there was time for a show after she finished talking about herself? Probably came up in the interviews, too.

I think I’ve seen enough in the first few minutes to know it will be the Me-again show round the clock. Not wasting my time.

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