Corker Exit Raises Questions

Looks like there were other reasons besides popularity (or rather, lack of it) that prompted Sen. Bob Corker’s statement yesterday that he will not seek reelection.
As in many things, follow the money.

Breitbart reports that Corker has a sweetheart deal in Mobile, Alabama. He has invested in a retail center there whose law firm donated $28,000 to Luther Strange. “In that deal, Corker is expected to receive more than $3 million in sales tax payments made by Alabama consumers to the City of Mobile over the next twenty years as part of a sales tax rebate incentive to a development company in which Corker has a 13 percent ownership interest.”

Then there is this: Corker has been accused of financial improprieties to the extent that the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating him for insider trading allegations.

It appears Corker was one of the Senators who asked President Trump to go to Alabama and support Strange. Of course, Corker would benefit if his pal Luther kept his Senate seat, as in one hand washes the other.

Sarah Sanders was asked about this by Breitbart. “It’s absurd to say that the President is responsible for actions of others,” the White House Press Secretary said in an email on Tuesday when asked if Senator Corker informed President Trump about his sweetheart investment in the Mobile, Alabama retail development when the two met in person at the White House on Friday.

“That’s like when someone gets shot and people say it’s the gun [manufacturer’s] fault. As a staunch conservative who I know must believe in personal responsibility I can’t believe you would argue otherwise,” she added.

A veteran GOP operative told Breitbart, “Luther Strange’s election is so important to Bob Corker because the last thing he wants is Judge Roy Moore in Washington asking uncomfortable questions about his sweetheart deal in McGowin Park on behalf of Mobile, Alabama taxpayers.”

No wonder he’s making his exit.

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