Building a Case

Did you see the front page of the newspaper this morning? If not, here it is:

Does something strike you as odd about it?

It did a former CA deputy managing editor when it was a more respectable rag. He posted it on a facebook group called Gannett Screws Our News. He wrote: “IS THIS A LYNCHING OR A POLITICAL PREFERENCE? There is a reason newspapers used to avoid magazine graphics to illustrate news stories. My first impression of this morning’s front page was of the way they execute dissidents in Iran. Too picky? Maybe, but a journalist’s job is to say and show what’s real rather than conjure up the audience’s imaginations.”

I’d say he was right on. It’s a disturbing way to place the story. It also implies that they wish the two Republicans would hang – at least politically.

Interestingly, it did not appear like that on the digital page.

Is there any doubt as to their strategy? Yesterday’s paper also harped on a change in leadership for the state.
It might be worrisome, except that the media has so successfully gotten it all wrong. They’ve been spectacular in their errors. Wishing won’t make it that way, media.

The CA doesn’t want to be left behind. No danger in that.

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