PR Nightmare

I’m glad President Trump is fighting back against the negative media coverage of the Puerto Rican crisis.

Looks like decades of bad government are catching up with them. The mayor appears to be more concerned about getting votes for the next election than getting food and goods to those who need it.

Writer Kurt Schlichter tweeted the best analysis I’ve seen of it so far. He tweeted:

1. Dems/MSM seek a way to viciously & falsely attack Trump where he “can’t” fight back
2. Trumpie don’t play that
3. With Never Trump allies they push to silence his response
4. Trump fights anyway
5. No liberal political win🤔

Then this:

Notice how the libs and their Never Trump buddies never, ever say, “Hey, stop attacking Trump and focus on PR’s recovery”? It’s because they don’t care about PR’s recovery. They think – wrongly – this is a chance to score points vs. Trump. But then they liked kneeling too.🤔

And someone named Stephen Miller asked what I’ve wondered, too, about the mayor of San Juan: “This might be asking the obvious question here but where did she get a shirt printed in new Fury Road hellscape Puerto Rico?”

Yes, funny she can take time and effort to get that specially made for her.

No one has mentioned that the closing of the Navy bases under President Bush, might have had something to do with their lack of readiness and economic troubles. The Puerto Ricans were eager to close Vieques. Maybe that’s not working out so well for them.

Perhaps when the president gets there Tuesday he can jump start these lazy Democrat leaders abounding in PR.

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