What’s Corker Talking About?

This morning on Fox I heard Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo toss out a quote from our Senator Bob Corker. In reply to the tax reform floated about, he said “there was no way in hell I would vote for it.”

Getting cocky in his lame duckness, isn’t he?

She went on to explain that the tax plan drops the deduction for state income tax that will hurt a lot of blue states and that Corker was protesting that.

Really? How could she not know that Tennessee is one of the states without an income tax? She’s been around (a lot longer than you think) and you would hope been paying attention to these little financial details. So why would Corker give a damn about that?

I suspect that he’s now empowered and will be strutting around like the little rooster he is, kicking up a fuss for all things Trump. Because he can. Because he has swamp fever and lots of friends in the swamp.
I do not look forward to the spectacle of that minion prancing around and letting fly his big mouth for the next year. It’s embarrassing to Tennessee.

I hope Trump and Steve Bannon can find a way to squash the little twerp. He’s way past his UPC date. He’s spoiled, rotten and ready to go in the trash bin.

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