A Shot at Us All


There is talk that the shooter in Las Vegas was a Trump hater. The Gateway Pundit says he was inflamed by Rachel Maddow and listed Democrat/Progressive/Trump hate groups on his facebook page. Then he took down that story down.

But who knows? Information hasn’t been out yet. The authorities deny it was ISIS instigated, but maybe it was. Their track record hasn’t been too good lately.

However, Maddow, other media people and entertainers like Kathy Griffin are fueling this murderous rage. Remember the shooter in Steve Scalise’s baseball group was someone who followed Maddow.

Look at these tweets from a TV writer. Jen Statsky writes for shows including Parks & Rec, Jimmy Fallon, and Broad City.

“(A) light reminder that being president of the US means nothing anymore, if you support Trump you should have your children taken away, etc etc”

“I know things seem grim right now, but let’s remain optimistic: maybe Trump will get cancer?”

“quick reminder that if you voted for Trump you should drink bleach”

Much as we all disliked Obama, there was not the outpouring of hate to fellow Americans from conservatives and Republicans.

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