Memphian Queried on Shooting

Last night I was surprised to see Memphian Steve Mulroy on Charles Payne’s Fox Business show, Making Money.

Payne had him on in connection with the Democrats arguing for gun control immediately after the Las Vegas shooting. Nothing triggers them to get on a soapbox like a good mass murder.

Payne described Mulroy as a former federal prosecutor and current professor at University of Memphis law school. He was also on the County Commission years ago.

Opposing him was Stacy Washington host of Stacy on the Right.

Payne said, “Stacy you still had police and firemen recovering bodies, relatives not sure if their family members were involved and the tweets started coming and to put the blame on guns and political stuff. Is that too early, particularly from high profile folks like Hillary Clinton?”

With a set up like that Washington agreed and said “the best thing for us to do is wait and listen to law enforcement and leaders in Las Vegas as they continue to investigate. We can get more information then we’ll have plenty of time to argue about things like whether the NRA should be pulling for legislation.”

Then he turned to Mulroy with the same question.

Mulroy replied, “I don’t begrudge anyone the right to discuss the public policy implications of something if there’s been a lot of national media attention focused on it, but I think the big point right here is that we still don’t know enough about the facts to draw any conclusions about what kind of legislation and lessons we would learn from this particular incident. I think we should still probably wait a couple of days to figure out exactly what they know about where the guns come from, where’d they get the guns, exactly how they were used; only then can we be able to draw some kind of lesson from this particular incident.”

That was it. No big insight. Why Payne decided on him to showcase how Democrats think and feel is perplexing. Mulroy really had nothing to say. That’s OK because he was right that it’s too early. That’s not how the Dems act, however. So he wasn’t a particularly adept spokesmen for them.

I like Payne’s show, but this also is one of the reasons people are turning off political TV. The people they choose are the same hacks or kinds of hacks they feel represents the parties. They say what you expect them to say. They don’t have enough time to share anything insightful.

It will be interesting to see if Mulroy gets another Fox gig.

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