Are Utility Rates Going Up?

Yesterday I observed MLGW activity on twitter.

Uh oh. Looks like they are wanting to increase our fees.

“MLGW has a strong financial condition but it’s weakening. No electric rate increase since 2004, no gas increase since 2008.”

Sounds like a kid saying “Mom and Dad I haven’t had a raise in my allowance FOREVER. And I’ve been doing more work” except they haven’t.
Then they had this picture and tweet: “MLGW President Jerry R Collins Jr. presents the preliminary 2018 budget before the Board of Commissioners.”

“This shows our rate action activity since 2004.”

I smell a rate hike coming. They use so much money on smart meters and I wonder if this money wouldn’t be better used to fix the system.

Like the Dems, they will turn the Memorial Day weekend outage from an event they should have prevented, to a reason to up rates. Probably they hope that you’ve forgotten your outrage and would pay more to prevent its recurrence.

They’re the only game in town and they know it. I believe Collins is much more powerful and important than the mayor and we have no control over him.

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