Propaganda Flows on Sunday

When you look at an issue of the Sunday newspaper today, it makes you shake your head.

No wonder the city – and the newspaper – are messed up.

The Business section head declares: BRINGING RETAIL TO NORTH MAIN; Arts crafts called key to redevelopment of downtown area. The story gets a full page, along with four big pictures on the top of the fold.

Three of the pictures feature women who are selling things in booths and pop up stores downtown. The other photo is of the model of the Mississippi River at Mud Island Park. A caption says “The park was built with hopes it would boost retail business in the area.”

It’s been there since the 90s. Anyone see that coming to fruition?

Do leaders really think that a Bead Dazzler booth, yarn emporium, Michael’s or art gallery will bring in the bucks? These aren’t there, but would they get people downtown and loosening their wallets? I don’t think so. Bass Pro is a shopper’s dream for the outdoorsy, but they’ve seen a decline in sales.

And what’s with the hawking of houses in Sunday’s M section? Today the people who own a house in High Point Terrace and their realtor, Keller Williams, are getting the gift of free advertising. it features three color photos and a highlighted box with info such as the address, asking price, features and contact person. Makes me wonder if the reporter has a side job or is strategically looking ahead for a post CA career.

Then we get a columnist’s Viewpoint plea for the local Democrat party. “Corker’s exit will hurt area Democrats.” Hmm. It’s always about them, isn’t it? Sanford says that the battle for Corker’s Senate seat, plus the primary for governor will bring Republicans out to vote and the election for local Memphis officials will hurt the Dems on the down ballot in August. He puts in a plug for county mayor Dem candidates: Harold Byrd, Shea Flynn, Lee Harris and Steve Mulroy.

Of course you have all the negative letters and stories about the President: “Being called ‘good man’ by Trump appears to be the kiss of death’ (except for the races this spring and summer that saw him endorse the winning candidates) among many others. There’s an editorial demanding the Confederate statues be moved, too.

The paper even manages to insult God in the book reviews. “Will God survive science?” asks novelist Dan Brown whose new book doesn’t much believe in the creator of all things.

I guess you could say it’s a usual Sunday newspaper.

Sad, isn’t it?

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