The Midget vs. the MAGA

The CA this morning must have delighted in their story with the headline “Corker: White House adult day care center.”
It’s evident because they put it in the most prominent space on the front page.

From their perspective nothing gets better than two Republicans in a cage match. The story all began when President Trump tweeting that he had refused to endorse Corker in a reelection bid, prompting the senator to drop out. Corker denied it and replied with his day care center remark, adding that “Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.”

Cat fight!

No loss to Republicans and no loss to Trump. Corker loved being the one to stand up to Trump whenever he could. Pity he couldn’t find the cojones to do it when Obama was president. The little senator was pretty much AOL for us then, except to help frame the disastrous Iran deal.

I loved what writer Kurt Schlicter tweeted:

“So, the President is supposed to suck up to a guy so petty that he’d tank tax reform the country desperately needs just to flip the bird to @realDonaldTrump? Doesn’t that kind of validate the President’s dim view of Corker? πŸ€”πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ”


“Bob Corker will vote against tax reform just because he’s mad at @realDonaldTrump but that’s the President’s fault because something something reasons something. Have you noticed how PDT’s enemies always seem to reveal themselves as petty weasels with their own RINO agendas?πŸ€””


I also loved the analysis at Aceofspades blog: “And then there’s Bob Corker, the flunky, goniffing crook who abrogated his oath to uphold the Constitution by engineering a deal that all but guarantees the Iranians get the bomb in a few years. This f***ing guy, after all that, claims PDT’s rhetoric is going to start World War 3. Wow. And then we learn that this miserable little worm begged the President to campaign for him, but when he was rightly rebuffed decided he needed to spend more time with the family rather than seek reelection. I hope Marsha Blackburn a) wins the seat and b) helps reverse the damage you and your ilk caused, Corker.”

It came with a nice graphic:

The only bad thing is it is embarrassing for the good people of Tennessee to have elected this smurf. But after all, it was a choice between him and Harold Ford Jr. Whatch gonna do?

Corker must want to hog the stage as long as he can before the hook of the voting public comes and yanks him off of it.

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