Corker Must Go

It will be along time til January 2019 before we see the back of Bob Corker leaving his Senate office.

Many are saying this is too long to wait.

They’re right.

Among those calling for him to resign is Steve Bannon as he explained in this clip from Hannity last night:

Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator chimed in, too. He wrote:

So a look at the results of the 2016 presidential election in the great state of Tennessee reveals the following:

Donald Trump: 1,522,925 — 60.7%
Hillary Clinton: 870,695 — 34. 7%

Seems pretty definitive to me. The people of the Volunteer State voted overwhelmingly for Trump, for change — and against the Establishment, the latter stubbornly unwilling to do what GOP voters have demanded in bringing that change.

All of which begets the obvious question. Isn’t it time for the good Senator to just resign — now?


And Jason Miller at CNN said:
“I think it is important to point out Senator Corker has been attacking the president over the last couple of months here,” Miller said. “And obviously the president took issue with that. Look, Senator Corker definitely didn’t mind kissing up to President Trump when he wanted to be vice president when he wanted to be secretary of state. But now since he didn’t get either of these positions, and now he’s retiring, he seems to just be kind of letting it all hang out there. And I think it’s really showing the true colors of the swamp nature of Washington, D.C. that he is criticizing such basic tenets of the Republican platform like tax cuts.

“And look, if Senator Corker is retiring and he doesn’t want to be in the U.S. Senate, and he doesn’t want to support President Trump, and he doesn’t want to support such basic conservative principles, he should just resign. Let the governor of Tennessee go and appoint a conservative like Marsha Blackburn, the congresswoman who is running to replace Senator Corker and get someone in there who is actually going to support the president.”

I don’t foresee Gov. Haslam eager to replace a fellow Swamper like Corker, though. But I do think it would send a message if Republicans in Tennessee stopped donating to the Tennessee GOP. Instead, we could give directly to Marsha Blackburn and those true Republicans who are seeking her seat.

Bannon is right that withholding money from Mitch McConnell will strangle the efforts of the GOPe. We gave them plenty of time to get with us and a president who supports us.

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