D’Souza Delights

Dinesh D’Souza
Dinesh D’Souza

Last night author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza spoke at the University of Memphis. He came at the invitation of the campus chapter of Young Americans for Freedom.

It was a packed house. Young and old (I spotted a 95-year-old who hobbled in), student and citizen, male and female, black and white came. Shelby GOP Chair Lee Mills was their with his wife and family. It was so crowded that some people almost could not be accommodated. Turns out there was a reason for this. Evidently a group of progressives came late, were recognized by fellow students as they were trying to crash the speech, but even they were allowed in. More on these people later.

No media appeared present. Gone are the days when reputable newspapers would send a reporter to cover an event such as this and the story would be in the next day’s newspaper. Very little media coverage was given before his speech (something brief in the CA two months ago) and probably none after, except for bloggers.

D’Souza entered to big applause and took his place behind the podium that read “D’Souza Unchanined.” He commented on the size of the crowd and acknowledged his wife, Debbie, at the back of the room. He shared that they were both immigrants – he from India and she from Venezuela.

In an hour’s talk followed by questions from the audience, D’Souza dazzled with his ability to present his case factually, leading to only rational conclusions. It was the kind of presentation only a conservative can do. I say that because a conservative hero like D’Souza has argued his case in hostile environments for decades. He knows how to get his points across, having received crossfire on shows like Bill Maher, Steven Colbert, CNN and debates with other difficult liberals.

D’Souza covered topics of the day like Harvey Weinstein, the removal of Confederate statues, Bob Corker and GOP backstabbing of Trump, fascism, Antifa, Charlottesville and, most poignantly, his own incarceration.

I’ll break down what he said in components. He had so much vital to say that my notes are copious. Keep returning to this website as I break down what he said. It’s important to reinforce conservative values and will help in future arguments with liberals on all kinds of topics!

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